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Website Features

Welcome to our Website Features section. Here you will find a list of ALL the features available and/or soon to be.

  • Item per item confirmation when filling up your Cart (Big Green Check)
  • Latest Update Notification via email (when subscribed) and real-time on website
  • Multiple item search results when entering item SKUs, Name or Description within the search bar under banner
  • Price filtering when in any products section
  • Option to turn On and Download Barcodes for Products
  • Instant Product info's popup without waiting for download
  • Option to Download Product Sheet
  • Intuitive Menu System so you can find what you're looking for in your way
  • Instant Notification of Order Status Changes
  • Option to View/Download your submitted Order (proforma) via the History in different format (PDF, EXCEL) so you can keep a copy for yourself and/or upload to a POS system
  • Option to Refill your Cart with an Existing and/or Completed Order via the Order History Page
  • Option to ADD Multiple Locations to ship your order to within the same account
  • Option to Combine your Latest Order with a previous one that has not yet reached COMPLETED mode (Used in case you forgot to add an item to your cart and/or cannot reach the minimum order amount)
  • Instant/Direct individual Modifications of quantities and/or removal of products from within Cart
  • Flexibility to Change Personal info from within your online account (MyAccount) (ie. password, email, addresses, etc)
  • View a list of Past Ordered Products so you can re-add them to your cart with ease
  • Upload a Product List in Excel format to Fill your Cart and Checkout quickly (very convenient if you have a large order to do online but want to bypass the selection of each product individually)
  • Find a Representative in your Area
  • Direct Communication to your Representative from your Account (MyAccount)
  • COMING SOON: Generation of Multiple Listings to quickly fill Cart with pre-defined list of products when logged in to account
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