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Welcome to our Informational Videos Section. For each item you will find a written transcript just by clicking on the header as well as a brief video presentation Link at the far right.

PRODUCT: K1400 Series - Food Containers
Hello Everyone,

Welcome to a Symak Sales Informational Video.

In this segment, we will introduce our group of food storage containers called SURELOCK.

We will show you the features and qualities which make these items great quality at a great price.

SURELOCK items are made from 100% non-recycled materials giving them a nice clear look and most important they are BPA FREE!

They seal secure, are leak proof and airtight to lock in freshness.

The information labels are easy to peel off, eliminating unnecessary scrubbing and glue residue let on the lids.

SURELOCK keeps everything fresh with the help of a secure, tightly fitting silicone ring that fits around each lid. Complementing the silicone ring are a series of locking mechanisms to reassure the items are airtight as well as leak proof.

All SURELOCK items are food safe, they can be used in the microwaves and freezers and can easily be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher.

SURELOCK comes in 3 different shapes; Rectangular, square and round. There are 7 rectangular shapes, 3 square shapes and 2 round shapes, giving you the convenience to keep any variety of items fresh and organized for when you need them.

To show haw air tight SURELOCK items are, we’re going to unlock the lid, push down on the center to eliminate the air inside and turn the container over.

Put the food in, take out the air and shake.

Fill with water, take out the air and shake.

With the water in the container, we will unlock the lid, push the air out and turn it over. Look at how airtight it is! That’s incredible!

Thank you for watching this episode of Symaks Informational Videos.
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