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Dear customers,
We would like to extend our greatest appreciation for your continued support throughout the turbulent times we have experienced with shipping in the last year.
It has been very challenging to say the least. We clearly understand the repercussions you faced while we transitioned to a new warehouse facility. Rest assured, our dedicated team is working diligently on process improvements to meet and exceed the service levels you have come to expect from Symak Sales.

While we are continuously working on improving our shipping lead times, our product development team has been hard at work to bring in exciting new products to the mix:
1. Funfair!: Play Doug Program and PDQ Toys
2. Papier by paperway: Fashion Stationary and Novelty Pen program
3. PetShoppe: Cat Condos and Dog Beds
4. Knitmore: Fashion Knitting Yarn
5. Home: Fashion Decorative Baskets
6. Smith Birks: Fashion Shoe Laces and Foot care products
7. Kitchen Smart: Ceramic Coasters and Magnets
and more in the works!

We are committed to continue to offer you value priced products at competitive pricing while navigating thru the supply chain cost increases everyone is faced with worldwide. While we have absorbed cost increases wherever possible, we will be streamlining our price list by reducing prices on a few core items while slightly increasing others. This new improved price list will come into effect July 3rd, 2022.

Thank you very much for your continued support and we are looking forward to building a successful long-term relationship!

Symak Team

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